Hard Death


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søren bang hansen
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søren bang hansen generation victim.. it's just the song that represents record best.
Holy fucking shit a mass of violent harmonies.
SUPER.FUCKING:HARD. Favorite track: Generation Victim.
Zackary Lawrence
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Zackary Lawrence This is fucking beatdown incarnate! Slam perfectly blended with oldschool beatdown and it's amazing. Favorite track: Buried at Golgotha.
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released September 2, 2016



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BODYBAG Chicago, Illinois



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Track Name: One Foot in the Grave
At the moment of death where everything ends and I finally pass into emptiness
The void that is a promise, a promise bound by shackles that enslave me and bind me to some tradition,
a tradition made to gouge my serenity. The fiery promise or eternity. the tail of salvation
I find my absolution in the form of a revelation. All my action bares no consequence
With one foot in the grave, I am free from your secular oppression. With one foot in the grave
Idol hymns no longer bring me to my knees, With one foot in the grave
A beast is unleashed to consume all innocence
Rest my head in dreams, dreams of serenity
Emptiness awaits for eternity
Track Name: Gateways to Madness
Choose your own fate, but it doesn't mean shit
Cause in the end all roads lead to Hell
I've been damned since the day I was born
There's never been hope for me,
never found a reason to live
Falling down a dark abyss
where all my nightmares are forge
Where all my nightmares are forged
I see my sins
I see my suffering
I feel the fire
consuming my flesh
All the ways I've tortured myself
All the tears of the innocent
The blood spilled by my remorseless hand
Fear quenched my morbid thirst
I've tasted pain and danced with death
Now I followed her
into gateways of madness
Hold my hand and lead me astray
Show me the light in this dark abyss
I've tasted pain and danced with death
I see my sins
I see my suffering
Ive been dammed since the day I was born
There's never been hope for me
Never found a reason to live
falling down this dark Abyss
Track Name: Generation Victim
social justice doesn't fucking exist,
it's survival of the fittest and you're not it
the real world will eat you alive,
dog eat dog and what's left is a feast for the rats
Crushed by reality, all you do is cry
a generation of victims, go run and hide
You meaningless maggots,
embrace been victimized
Run to that safe space
where you've wasted your whole life
When shit hits the fan
there won't be a place to hide
I never gave a shit, i never will
it's not my problem, and it never will be
Don't expect a savior to hold your fucking hand
If humanity could care less about your pain
I'm sure God doesn't give a fuck
Social justice social inequality social Hippocrates
Everyone deserves to hang!
I never gave a shit, i never will
it's not my problem, a giant mass grave
for all of mankind to bury you and the rest of your kind
choke on it you piece of shit
Track Name: Mountain of Corpses
I saw a million bodies rotting at your temple door
I witnessed your disciples cry and beg mercy
Father you've forsaken me with your deception
Am I the son of God am I the son of the devil
Fire reigns and purifies the human plague
Red ash blinds like your venomous words
Alleluia serpent God
All worship your fork tongue
All that will shall never be,
Alleluia serpent God
Walk away from a mountain of corpses
Leaving only a trail of death
Alleluia serpent God
I saw a million bodies clinging to faith
Their naked bodies scorched by the fires of hell
Scream for mercy scream for all to end
I am punishment I am nothingness
I am the son of man, God worst nightmare.
Track Name: Atonement
Unable to heal this wound that’s in my heart
I embrace my flaws and all weakness
I am allowing in the anger to overtake me
You've told me to forgive, turn and walk away
I need your strength for I have lost myself
cast the devil’s evil ways before it's too late
for my soul for my eyes to witness your throne
Lord, I shouldn’t think the vengeful thoughts
I want to look at these people and see their lost souls
forgive them completely and embrace your light
I want to strangle the life from their eyes
I want to feel their last breath escape their life
There’s no light at the end of your life just pain and misery for the rest of your days
death is calling my name
Track Name: Buried at Golgotha
Redemption agonizing upon a rock
The Thirst for pain quenched in suffering
The son of man ripped from his flesh
The son of God upon a cross he bled
Taste of me and the world would be at your feet
Drink of me worshiped your name shall be
You promised eternity, a promised bound in sin
Salvation stretched out upon a cross
Torn from paradise shackled to poisonous souls
You've been forsaken as our only hope
The sky blackens by the passing of life
Deafening cries of sorrow mourn the end of your life.
When your gift is cast aside sin will remain
Are we doomed to rot in hell?
Are we forced into a meaningless life?
Bury my body in Golgotha